Stop Asking Where I'm From

Business Casual Superstar #433: Purse Profiles: Brown Leather Handbag

Hah, I gathered (aka, solicited) pictures for this little thing a long time ago and never got around to doing it. But why not? This was born of a little parlor game I whipped out at a boring dinner party with aunties. I told an aunty that I didn’t know very well that I could […]

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Business Casual Superstar #382: Purse Profile: My Red Longchamp Le Pliage

So I was at a dinner party once. A boring, Desi auntie dinner party. I was too old to play with the kids (I don’t really like kids, anyway – they’re sticky and annoying) and I didn’t feel like gushing about Justin Bieber with the host’s tween daughters and their friends, so I sat with […]

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