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Court Chronicles

Written By: humarashid

As many of you know, the Business Casual Superstar feature is no longer the salient content category on this website. Nowadays, I mostly post about my experiences as a young criminal defense attorney. I talk about different things I’m learning, funny conversations I have with court personnel, and I blog about closed cases.

Check out my Court Chronicles category for all my updates about my life spent defending the damned.

This category is also the home of some of my series, where I blog a narrative about certain cases. So far:

  • Drug Rip: one of the biggest cases of my career, an Attempt Murder that lived through two different judges and about three different prosecutors


When I write my series, I plan to have posts published every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Check back soon for updates from the courtroom! (But only once the case is closed and our representation has ended.)