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Consent in an Incestuous Relationship

It seems that I can’t stop talking about sex crimes, huh? Yesterday bore witness to my epic Everything is Terrible meltdown over the Hofstra rape case, and today, I’m stuck on the fact that Mackenzie Phillips, daughter of John Phillips of the Mamas & Papas (oh, how I listened to them in high school during […]

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My First Post on Social Media Law Student!

Today, my first post appeared on Social Media Law Student. Check it out! :) My favorite part is Barack Obama’s real (totally fake) Twitter feed that I managed to dig up. Yay for my investigatory skillz!

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THERE. The Remarks Are Out. Now Can We All Just Shut Up?!

Warning: This post exhibits me completely losing it. While this isn’t a rare occurrence or cause of alarm for those that know me personally, I try to keep this side of me off the blog. You have been warned, dear visitor. Proceed only if you feel it is what a reasonably prudent reader would do. […]

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Grab Yer Pitchfork, We’re Going Impeaching!

A word from fellow law student @LyleLanley: If you have facts on your side, pound facts. If you have law on your side, pound law. If you have neither on your side, pound table. … If you can’t innovate, litigate. If you can’t litigate, legislate. If you can’t legislate, Watergate. If you can’t Watergate, waterboard. […]

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The 5 Pillars of Islam – er, Economic Recovery

This is fun, and naturally strikes close to home for me, as I’m a Muslim. I┬áread about this on the LegalLine blog, and just had to write up something as well.

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SERIOUS Amazon Fail!

This is absolutely ridiculous. Absolutely freaking ridiculous. More ridiculous than when the teachers at my old private Islamic school went around collecting copies of Their Eyes Were Watching God from 8th grade English classes because of the sexual content in the beginning. (Of course, after our books were taken, most of us went to the […]

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