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Written By: humarashid

Confused about how to find the fashion-stuff when I keep posting book reviews and op-eds? I’ll make it super easy for you.

All Business Casual Fashion Posts Are Here.

Want them divided by category?

*Pretty News* – Fashion-related news that I found interesting enough to blog about.
Accessories – Jewelry, handbags, shoes, watches; this is the place for everything that isn’t a complete outfit, basically.
Bargain Babe – The place for knock-offs and duplicates. Love those Elizabeth & James flats? I’ll show you some from Kohl’s that look similar (but are not exactly the same, obviously).
Celebrity Style – Business casual outfits inspired by whatever famous or remotely famous are wearing.
Chicago Deals and Offers – Deals for products and services (usually spa services or hair cuts) available in the Chicagoland area.
Collections – Like attracts like. This is where I post a bunch of cute cardigans that are all under $50, or a bunch of awesome little gifts to give to friends at work during various holiday seasons.
General – These are outfits that I whipped up on my own, without any celebrity-inspiration.
Hair – Everything to do with hair – different hair styles that are great for work, hair accessories, hair care, all of it.
Makeover – Sometimes people wear truly heinous outfits. I fix that.
Makeup and Beauty – Everything to do with makeup, makeup deals, at-home beauty treatments, all sorts of good stuff.
Maternity Wear – Business casual outfits for mommies-to-be! Because we can’t forget these lovely ladies.
Modern Muslimah – Business casual outfits that conform with traditional codes of dress for Muslim women. You’re going to see full sleeves, long skirts, higher necklines, and generally outfits that do not display much skin. This isn’t restricted to Muslim women, of course; any woman that dresses conservatively will find things here that she likes.
One Day Deals – Deals that are only good for one day; usually online deals, so have that credit card or PayPal login handy.
One Stop Shop – Outfits made up of items that all come from the same store, from head to toe.
Outfits for Men – Guys’ fashion is simple. Pants and shirt and no one cares or judges you for your appearance. I don’t do a lot of these; the ones I do have up are a result of brow-beating from male friends.
Plus Size Outfits – These items are available in plus sizes because working women come in all shapes and sizes.
Purse Profiles – I solicit pictures of frequently used handbags and then make guesses about the personality of the owner based on those pictures. I must remember to do more of these.
Sales and Coupons – Self-explanatory. I post coupons and sales and sale codes that come my way.



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