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Written By: humarashid

There are plenty of ways to reach me, so here we go:


For some reason, the comment feature is kind of wonky. Please feel free to use the comment form in the sidebar. That’s what it’s there for. It’s a temporary fix until I remember to look into that.


You can always email me at Please don’t be shy when it comes to dropping me a line; lots of readers do! I love hearing from you guys.


You can always Like/Follow this blog on Facebook at The Reasonably Prudent Law Student, which is the old name for this blog. The links are in the sidebar.


You can follow me on Twitter at @huma_rashid, but I wouldn’t recommend it. I’m not that interesting there. But sometimes I post pictures that show a little cleavage, so we all have that going for us.



  1. Iz says:

    Uh … you forgot kick ass writer. Kind of important. :-P

  2. humarashid says:

    Ha ha, thank you. :) Let’s hope I get published before I get my JD! I’d like to have that under my belt before going into the Barzam…

    Fingers crossed!

  3. KAN says:

    Why on the earth I wasn’t following you?

  4. Jim Walker says:

    Great blog , Huma, you are way ahead of the curve . . .

  5. Sarah F. says:

    It’s so interesting that your evolved from being about law to being about business casual wear. I’ve been giving advice to people who start their blogs and are hesitant on what to blog about, so I’ll use this as an example to tell them that it’s totally okay to start with something that evolves naturally into one’s real passion :)

    G’luck with everything! I’m glad to have found you on Twitter.

    Sarah F.