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Business Casual Superstar #507: Red flats that won’t put you in the red

Written By: humarashid - Mar• 16•15

Man, it’s been a while since I did one of these, huh? What can I say, I felt like getting back on the bandwagon. When I stopped with this series, it was because, frankly, I was burned out. Too much fashion, too many articles of clothing, too much pressure to feel like I was coming up with something new and original and entertaining, too much pretending I knew what I was talking about. :P

But whatever. I’m in the market for red flats, because the ones I have are looking a little shabby, and so I figured I’d whip up a quick post.

I love, love, love red flats because red is a total power color for me. I love to wear red lipstick (NYX soft matte lip cream in Monte Carlo, NARS velvet matte lip pencil in Dragon Girl and it’s far cheaper dupe with less staying power and more of a bleed, ELF’s matte lip pencil in Rich Red – these are some of my favorites). My only real handbag that I carry with any regularity is a bright red leather Coach bag that I absolutely adore and will carry to court even though I generally hate purses. I have a bunch of red sweaters that I always get compliments on, and I have red shoes that I love because they always add a nice pop of color to my outfits.

And I have to say, I especially like wearing greys/blacks/whites to court and then adding red shoes and a red bag. Yes, that’s kinda way too matchy-matchy, but it’s the only truly matchy-matchy thing I do, so I’m not all that concerned about it.

So today, I’m putting together a collection of red flats that are under $50. Some are extremely low end and some are higher end on sale, because I wanted to cover lots of different price points for you guys. I know the struggle: you’re either un or underemployed, you’re employed but trying to pay down loans, you’re employed but not making all that much yet, whatever.

But you’ve still got to look put together, so hopefully this helps a little bit.

2015-03-15 20_20_31-Pointed Toe Ballet Flats_ Charlotte Russe


Charlotte Russe flats in Dark Red – $9.99

These flats are just $10, a total steal, at Charlotte Russe. They’re probably not going to last you very long, but if you’re just looking for a pair of flats to wear around in relatively nice weather for, like, a year or so, these aren’t a bad option. The color thing says these are “Dark Red,” but, I don’t know, they look more like a red-orange or a coral red to me. It doesn’t really matter, because all those colors are pretty.

2015-03-15 20_26_33-Qupid Round-Toed Ballet Flats_ Charlotte Russe

Charlotte Russe – Round Toe Ballet Flats – $13.99

Another find from Charlotte Russe, just a little pricier than the previous one at about $14. It looks a little sturdier than the last pick – just looking at the sole and the reinforcement at the heel. Of course, they could still be very thin and offer very little support. It’s hard to tell. But as far as a pair of cheapie flats, this isn’t bad, either.

And the color seems a little more true-red than the last one.

2015-03-15 20_30_28-Michael Antonio Women's Pavia Flat _


Pavia Flat $14.70

The price is based on my size; it may vary slightly if you pick something other than a size 7. I liked the oxford style of these, and actually have something very similar in a dusty tan color.

2015-03-15 20_35_35-Crocs Kadee Slip-On Shoes - Women


Crocs Kadee Slip Ons – $20.97

…Nah, I’m TOTALLY fucking with you guys.

Don’t buy these.

Don’t ever buy anything that looks like this.

2015-03-15 20_39_54-Cute Pink Shoes - D'Orsay Flats - Pointed Flats - $21.00

Suits Me Grapefruit Pink D’Orsay Flats – $21

If you’re into the two-piece looks, these are pretty adorable. They’re very summery, and even though they’re more pink than red, I threw them in because why not. I could totally see slipping these on with a summer dress and a pretty hat.

If I wore hats.

Which I do not.

I look atrocious in hats.

2015-03-15 20_44_19-DV By Dolce Vita Women's Langely Laofer _

Langley Loafer – $32.13

For something a little more conservative, these are a good pick. The gold chain on the top is purely a matter of taste: I’m not a huge fan but I have several girlfriends who rock this style.

But then, I kind of hate yellow gold in general. Probably because I have so much of it – all gifted down from my grandmothers and mother because yellow gold is a huge thing for South Asian women. And I’m just like, eh.

BobBlahBlawg gets so mad at me because he’s a white boy and yellow gold washes him out and he’s like YOU ARE THE PERFECT SKIN COLOR FOR YELLOW GOLD AND YOU WON’T WEAR HIM but fuck that guy what does he know amirite.

2015-03-15 21_00_00-Neiman Marcus Saucy Quilted Suede Ballet Flat, Opera Red_Black

Saucy Quilted Suede Ballet Flat in Opera Red – $49.50

These are from Neiman Marcus, and I love the rich red color. I’m not big on the quilted look – I don’t know, quilted shoes are always very Margaret Thatcher to me (did she ever even wear quilted shoes? I’m probably making that up but whatever, Margaret Thatcher sucks). I tend to avoid quilted things – what is Karl Lagerfeld thinking with all those Chanel quilted bags he’s been churning out? – but a lot of people really like them. And I’m all about giving people options, even if I’m not particularly wild about the item.

2015-03-15 21_06_57-Liz Claiborne Iris Falt+Ballet Shoe - JCPenney

Liz Claiborne Iris Flats – $41.99

These Liz Claiborne flats are faux-leather with a rubber sole, and feature some hardware that reminds me of Tory Burch flats. They look a little sporty to me – is that crazy? But those wide grooves in the rubber sole are always something I associate with a sportier look.

Still, they’re on sale at JCPenny’s for $42, so that’s not bad.

(Although Liz Claiborne is still a brand I associate with my mother’s generation, despite the way they’ve been busting their asses trying to rebrand. Sorry, Liz C.!)

2015-03-15 21_12_10-Amazon.com_ AK Anne Klein Women's Tyrik Leather Penny Loafer_ Shoes

Anne Klein Tyrik Leather Penny Loafer  Р$50.36

Okay, so it’s technically over $50, but I’m including it anyway. Unless it’s $51, it doesn’t count! Okay, okay.

I’m a big fan of Anne Klein, because of the quality. Anne Klein pieces are well done and durable, and last for quite a while. I had a pair of black leather pumps that I wore frequently from AK, and other clothing items as well. So I’m a fan.

These penny loafers are super cute if you’re into penny loafers. TBH, I’m not wild about penny loafers in general, but if I was, I’d wear these.

2015-03-15 21_18_14-Toe-Tapping Time Flat in Burgundy _ Mod Retro Vintage Flats _

Toe Tapping Time Flat in Burgundy – $34.99

Basically half my closet comes from ModCloth, and if I had more disposable income (ie, no student loans), my ENTIRE closet would come from ModCloth. Everything they have is super adorable (okay, some of it is ridiculous – why would I want a dress with cat faces literally all over it?), and these shoes are no exception. I love the color, which is kind of close to the marsala color that is the Pantone color of the year for 2015, if you care about that sort of thing (I don’t – I like the colors I like no matter what year it is). I bet they’re super comfortable, too.

And there we have a few red flats that won’t break the bank, as they all come in under $50, except for that one that costs $0.36 more. (I KNOW OKAY STOP REMINDING ME.)

The bad thing is, I still haven’t found red flats that I want to buy. :| I know. I spent a whole post babbling on about shoes, and I haven’t found anything that I myself would buy. Maybe it’s just my mood. I despise shopping, as most of my longtime readers know, and I have to be in the mood (ie, determined and fed up) to buy something. And when I do, I normally log onto a certain site, or walk into a certain store, head right to where the shoe is, and get it and get out.

Ugh, I hate shopping so much.





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