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Motion practice, or something like it

Written By: humarashid - Sep• 10•13

Today is a solid office day. For me, at least. I was supposed to be at 26th and California, with Raymond, but I figured that because I have two huge motions that need to be done by this Friday, my time would be better spent at the office, while he worked our sex cases that are up today.

So I’m alone in the office today, because our awesome paralegal Nicole is coming in late, which means I have free run of the place.

I kind of love office days when I have a bunch of motions to write, and I’m either alone or it’s just me and Nicole. What usually happens is what I consider the perfect work day:

  1. I wear perfectly slouchy clothes. Yoga pants, maxi dresses, long skirts, pajamas, sweatpants, whatever. We very very very rarely have walk-ins, and on days when I’m alone or it’s just me and Nicole, we don’t have appointments with clients scheduled. And it’s so nice to be able to forgo my normal everyday armor of pantyhose, a nice top or camisole, a skirt, a blazer, and high heels. It’s just so nice sometimes to not have to suit up.

  2. I bring in my little 3lb laptop. I have my own computer at work, obviously, but I adore my itty bitty little laptop. I’m so comfortable working on it, and I’m so comfortable working on it for long periods of time. It’s fast, it’s got programs that I like and find useful, the keyboard justĀ feelsĀ right, and it’s little and portable. I’m very comfortable with it. It’s kind of like a security blanket: I just like having it around, touching it, working on it, being comforted by its familiarity as I work on very serious things where the stakes are very, very high.
  3. I grab a blanket and my sweater. Our offices are very cold when the air is on during the warmer months. Very cold. It’s just a thing with the building, and it’s obnoxious sometimes when it gets too cold, but generally it’s perfect sweater weather. We always have blankets in the office – for both human and dog use. Our building is dog friendly, so Nicole sometimes brings in her dog, Cocoa, who I’ve posted pictures of before. And before, our office administrator’s dog, Gwen, would come in. So we have a stash of dog blankets and dog beds, and we keep little throw blankets for ourselves, because it’s just a little way to make ourselves even more comfortable.
  4. I drag everything into the large conference room. My laptop, my blankets, my notes, my research, my rough drafts and previous motions, everything. The table is huge, and the chairs are super cushy.
  5. And then I watch documentary after documentary after documentary on the big TV as I write my motions. THIS. IS. THE. BEST. We have a large flat-screen on the wall, which we usually use to watch whatever media we get in discovery, that sort of thing. It’s connected to a CPU as well, so I can put on Netflix or Documentary Heaven. Documentary Heaven is AMAZING. It’s just chock full of documentaries on every subject you could imagine. I just pick one I like and watch/listen to it as I work. I’m the kind of person that really likes having background noise as I work, and documentaries are perfect.

Right now, as I write this, and as I prepare to write two big motions in two of our big sex cases (one a motion in limine to exclude certain evidence; the other a sentencing memorandum for a federal case involving illegal pornography), I’m watching Louis Thereux’s “A Place for Pedophiles,” a documentary about a hospital that houses and attempts to treat basically people who commit sex crimes against children. (Although some of the prisoners refuse treatment and are basically just going to be housed there until they complete their sentences or die.)

We have a bunch of cases like that, so I like to watch documentaries about sexual deviancy and sex crimes because it’s something that, up until a year ago, I knew so little about.

Now, by reading more and watching more and just learning everything I can about it, I feel so much more qualified and, I guess, well-rounded when it comes to dealing with these cases.

Human sexuality is really confusing. (And please don’t think I’m affirming pedophilia as a viable aspect of human sexuality. It’s not. It exists, yes, but it is abhorrent and illegal for very good reason.)

So yes. That’s what my day is going to be like. Documentaries and motions and sexually deviant behavior.


(That is not a sarcastic YAY! I genuinely love what I do. Even when it involves things that I find morally icky.)

And as much as I love my boss, I do love the days when I’m just here all by my lonesome.

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