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Written By: humarashid - Jun• 26•13

The reason it’s been kind of slow around here is because I came to a point a while back (February?) where I decided that there would be no more posts about open cases, unless they were VERY GENERAL posts. Like, more about a concept, in which case I could talk at length about a concept-experience and the mention of the case was basically tangential and not even all that necessary.

So I’ll only be talking about cases after we close them. And while we’ve closed several interesting ones since that point in early 2013, the going is slow. Because, you know, these are criminal cases. They take a while.


They don’t always take a while. You can catch a case at the prelim stage and show up for about three or four more dates and then plead the guy and be done with it. That way, it didn’t take long at all. But that’s obviously not the right way to do it; you have to do the work. So our cases take longer. Maybe eight months, or ten, or a year.

And we also have bad luck in some cases. These are cases that have been set for trial, where my boss and our paralegal, Nicole, have shown up with their trial boxes, ready to go, only to find out that it wasn’t going on that day due to … fill in the blanks. (Seriously, there have been some bizarre turns in some of our open cases.) So some of the open ones have been open for two years. One of our cases is in its sixth year! So that’s super special. (Even the prosecutors in that room roll their eyes when that case is mentioned – they want it gone as bad as we do. Unity. It’s a beautiful thing, guys.)

So while we’ve closed some pretty damn interesting ones and I WILL be blogging about those, the going is kind of slow, especially with regard to the cases I find the most compelling for various legal and emotional reasons.

But that will pick up. Once I get these five federal motions in limine out of the way and put together mitigation packets for two of our open cases and a plea presentation in another one, then I’ll start blogging in depth about some of the way cool stuff I’ve been working on that closed recently.


Eh, you guys don’t care.

It’s okay; even I only barely care.



Lessons in Running a Successful Blog:

Step 1. Don’t Give a Shit About When You’ll Blog Or About What.

Step 2. ?????

Step 3. Profit.


IDK, seems air-tight to me, you guys.


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