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Business Casual Superstar #506: What I Wore To Court Today

Written By: humarashid - Feb• 28•13

Whoops! I initially tried to post this right from my iPhone, but got ahead of myself and posted the picture without text. Which is never a good thing because obviously any picture needs to be accompanied by at least a thousand words to qualify and mitigate it. Obviously. ANYWAY. I know I said that it was my goal to include more pictures of what I’m wearing to court, since you jerks are always asking me about it on Twitter. Super nosey of you. Really. It’s just too much.

But whatever. I have to put up with you guys, so here we go.

I will refer to all counties as food. Because I like food. And just to be extra safe. Not that I always disguise the county I’m in, and not that I even need to (unless I was saying something super revealing about a case, in which case the county name would be the least of the problem). But you know.

So I was in Sour Gummy Worms County this morning, and it was a really light call. We were up on Possession of Child Pornography, as well as Aggravated Criminal Sexual Assault. Not a whole lot happened, mostly because of where we are procedurally in the case. Both dates were discovery status, and were continued because the State needed more time to procure and tender discovery.

This is what I wore. I looked adorable, predictably.



And the best part? I wasn’t mistaken for a student today!

Also, it has just come to my attention that I do not look nearly as adorable in this picture as I do/did in real life. This is immensely troubling, for obvious reasons. My excuse is that fluorescent lighting does me few favors, especially when I’m not wearing makeup.

The fact that I’m too lazy to put on makeup is entirely beside the point, I assure you. I spend exactly five minutes doing my hair and makeup in the mornings (AND IT SHOWS), and I would like to keep it that way.


Quit trying to change me, you guys. That’s super rude.

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