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Business Casual Superstar #505: I Need These For Court, Obviously

Written By: humarashid - Feb• 03•13


You guys.


Take a look at these earrings.

You guys, I am seriously.




Seriously, how awesome are these earrings?! They’re daggers, with a red Swarovski crystal. Obviously, I need these earrings to wear to court. OBVIOUSLY.

(I wonder if I could get away with it, though. Hahaha.)

But on a more serious note, they’re not worth it, in my opinion. I just put this up as a fun post so we could all share a little laugh. You know how it says $30 up there? Yeah, that’s for ONE earring.

As in, if you want two, one on each ear, you’ll be forking over $60.

Yeah, totally not worth it.

But at least we all got a nice chuckle out of it.

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