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Anthropologie Tries To Sell Us A Seriously Racist Candle Stick and Gets Called the F**k Out

Written By: humarashid - Jan• 11•13

Anthropologie tried to sell a really racist candlestick, with a figurine of a traditional “Mammy,” after it had predictably marked it up about 3000%, obviously. The candle stick has since been removed from the site, but Jezebel has some pictures up.

I saw this comment made by Rachel Stewart (of RachelStewartJewelry, which offers some really cute, unique stuff that you should probably check out) and loved it so much that I felt like sharing it.

She says exactly what I’m thinking, and it’s a great, succinct response to Anthropologie’s nonsense.

And if you’re looking at this candle stick and trying to write a comment about how ‘it’s not that bad’ and ‘what’s the big deal,’ just go away. There is no place for you on this blog, your comment won’t make it past moderation, and you will not be given a forum for your idiocy here. You’d be better off taking that time to educate yourself about just what role a Mammy played in her white household, and the harm that such racist depictions create.

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