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Comparing white gemstones

Written By: humarashid - Nov• 13•12

So, who’s wanted to know more about diamonds and comparable white gemstones? And not about conflict diamonds – although it’s important to know about that as well, and there are plenty of good sources that don’t involve Leo DiCaprio with a bad accent, preening for an Oscar – but about the actual composition of the stones and the differences between them?

If so, I have you covered with this infographic.

Call me a newb, but I’ve never heard of Moissanite. If you said the word to me yesterday, I would have thought you were offering me a fancy pastry and would have accepted happily. Upon being handed a white gemstone, I would have then exclaimed, WHAT THE HELL I CAN’T EAT THIS.

Anyway, I was just thinking about gemstones the other day, and that’s why my eyes were particularly drawn to the diamond and zirconia bars in this graph.

It’s no secret that emeralds are my favorite stone. I’d love an emerald on my engagement ring, if I ever marry. But, see, the thing is, I’m kind of … well, I’m not klutzy, but sometimes my perception is a little off. I’ll walk from one room to the other and just slam my entire arm against the wall by accident. And emeralds are pretty fragile stones – I feel like one or two good smacks against the wall or a marble countertop and that stone would crack the culprit on Psych.

(Dule Hill is awesome. Watch Psych!)

So I figured, no, I’ll have to go with a harder stone, because I know me and I’ll be devastated if I somehow crack my engagement ring, because it was a meaningful token given to me by someone who will presumably be important to me. If he exists.

So I got to thinking about it. I love sapphires, and diamonds are an obvious choice for engagement rings. But … I know me. Do I really need a diamond engagement ring?

No. No, I do not.

I know how much stones of differing sizes cost. And if I’m getting engaged, I’m pretty sure I’ll have a good idea of how much my guy is ponying up. And, I don’t know, wouldn’t that money be better spent on the actual wedding? Or not spent on the wedding, but on a down payment for something important? Or partially given to charity or something?


Plus, being a Muslim obviously plays a part in this. I’m not saying Muslim women don’t or shouldn’t have diamond rings. They do, and they should if that is what they want. But for me, the contradiction, the cognitive dissonance between praying five times a day and wearing a huge, costly rock on my finger would be a little too much to handle.

Which is why I was kind of eyeing the CZ bar graph. It holds up quite well against diamonds, I think, and the other stones. Would I mind having a CZ ring? Maybe a little, but I think I’d talk myself into not caring. I honestly think that I won’t mind at all if I get a pretty CZ ring. It won’t matter to me that it’s not a real diamond. I won’t lie and tell people it IS a real diamond. Because I don’t want something that ludicrously expensive resting on my finger, and I don’t think I can stay humble if it’s sitting there, sparkling at me all day. Yes, I realize that sounds insane. But that’s where I am as a person.

And seriously, CZ holds up quite well in this graph.

Enough talking, more looking at gemstones! Huzzah!


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