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Business Casual Superstar #502: Haughty, but Socially Conscious, Cosmetics!

Written By: humarashid - Sep• 10•12

I don’t talk about makeup enough on here, do I? I get questions about makeup, but that’s like asking Nic Cage questions about how to be a well-adjusted, totally-not-creepy person. I suck at makeup. I’ve gone 26 years without wearing it regularly – I basically only wear makeup to weddings. In law school, I slicked on some eyeliner a couple times. (Those instances always prompted @BobBlahBlawg to ask, “Who are YOU all dolled up for?!” Ugh. He is just without exaggeration the worst person to ever walk this planet.)

But I’ve been trying, and I’ve been getting better at it. I can actually use (severely) tinted moisture (seriously, I cut tinted moisturizer with an equal amount of face cream, so it’s only 1/4 foundation). And I can use mascara, obviously, and since I got a fancy pedestal mirror with 5x magnification, I can put on eyeliner whenever, and not just when I have my contacts in! (Seriously, have you ever tried to put on eyeliner while wearing glasses? Disaster.)

So while I’m nowhere near qualified to tell you nerds anything about makeup aside from my bare bones, super simple routine, I can always share some awesome makeup deals. And that’s what I’m doing today.

Today’s find is Haughty Cosmetics, and I’m kind of really digging them. They’re a down-home, American start-up founded by Michelle Edwards, and 50% of their profits are aimed at stopping domestic violence. What’s not to love about that?!

(Note: Remember, women, children, AND men can be victims of domestic violence.)

They sell mostly lip gloss, but also have makeup tools available as well. I’m going to share some examples, including lip glosses I think will look good on me. Because let’s be honest: I don’t care what color looks good on you. I care about ME.



I look so good in red. You guys don’t even know. :|

I also look good in this color.

Oh, God, I look so terrible in this color, though. It’s awful. On me, that is. Not on you. It’d probably look nice on you, especially if your skin is fairer than mine? Maybe? Ugh, don’t ask, when it comes to makeup I’m clueless and when it comes to White People’s Makeup I’m doubly clueless. I do enjoy putting mascara on Bob BlahBlawg while he’s passed out, though, and painting his toenails, so that’s something, I suppose.

Proceeds go to Becky’s Fund and Leave Out Violence (LOVE). Edwards uses all-natural ingredients as she whips up these glosses in small batches, and none of the products are tested on animals. (YAY!)


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