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Business Casual Superstar #501: Snag the awesome pumps First Lady Michelle Obama wore during the 2012 DNC!

Written By: humarashid - Sep• 04•12

Yup, you heard me right. When Obama gave his first State of the Union address, I did a BCS post about Michelle Obama’s outfit. I wouldn’t click it; it’s not that great a post. I stuck to the general look of the outfit, rather than the style, because online retailers were NOT cooperating with me that night! This time, though, I’ve done right by you guys: I have the exact pumps that Michelle Obama wore during her speech at the DNC.

Check out our First Lady. Tell me she doesn’t look awesome. Just try and TELL ME.

(Y’all have noticed that I ain’t even TRYING with that Tracy Reese dress. Nope. It’s like 11PM, since I’m writing this shortly after her speech instead of in the morning, it’s been a long day, and I’m sure no one wants to wear an outfit I put together while struggling not to take a QWERTY nosedive.)

Now, Michelle Obama is pretty awesome. Isn’t that generally how things go, though? You have serious issues with the President (drone strikes … erosion of the 4th … NDAA … ACTA … record deportations … his DOJ’s staunch insistence on sticking with the failed and racist ‘War on Drugs’ … etc … etc) but you love the First Lady.

Because (and I don’t mean this in a misogynist, women-dont-do-the-heavy-lifting way, obviously) there’s almost this buffer that exists between the two of them. The President does things – good things, horrible things. The First Lady champions causes. That’s her deal. Michelle Obama talks about her daughters (as Hilary did when she spoke at the DNC while FLOTUS), she promotes women’s rights and works for increased protections for the homeless, and she works toward getting healthier lunches into our schools so parents aren’t reduced to basically diabeating their kids because they don’t have the resources or options they want.

If you want to watch her speech, CLICK HERE.

If you want to read the transcript, CLICK HERE.

Basically, she killed it. She hit it right out of the park.

(I mean, there were concerns of mine that weren’t addressed, obviously, but … I never went into the speech thinking they were going to be. This wasn’t a speech of that nature, and that should have been clear before she even started speaking. The First Lady isn’t going to speak in detail about foreign policy, drone strikes, civil liberties, xenophobia, and all of that. She may touch on those things, but it’s not going to be anything substantive. Not only is that not really in the nature of these conventions, but that’s not what the FLOTUS does. I guess somewhere along the line someone figured out that most people don’t want to hear that stuff from the First Lady. Some of us do, yes. Apparently we’re in the minority, and since what we want hurts the candidate at this stretch in the race, it’s not going to happen.)

Anyway, you saw the awesome dress she was wearing. She paired that grey and pink confection – really, that’s the only thing you can call that shiny, pretty dress – with a pair of Everly suede pumps from J. Crew.

They’re pricey.

I have to warn you guys: they are PRICEY. Pricier than anything I put up on this site. Unless I put it up for mocking purposes, like those $2,000 alligator loafers from Brooks Brothers. Ain’t nobody got time for that nonsense.

But yes.

If you want to wear the same pumps Michelle Obama wore during her 2012 DNC speech, I have got you covered. Just click and be transported.

J.Crew Everly suede pump – $245

And there we have it.

And if you want to relive the past and see some of my old Michelle Obama posts, you can do so here:

That’s all I got.



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