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Egypt’s Mohamed Hamada Qualifies For Men’s 800M

Written By: humarashid - Aug• 09•12

Egypt’s Mohamed Hamada finishes first in the initial heat with a time of 1:48:05.
For the full results of Egyptian athletes in London 2012 click here.

I already explained in an earlier post what people like Hamada here are doing when they prostrate themselves like this. This position is called the sujood. (Prostration, in Arabic, also referred to as sajdah.)

Muslims prostrate themselves 34 times a day, if they pray all five daily prayers, by touching their hands, foreheads, and noses to the ground, facing Makkah. When a sujood isn’t done as part of prayer but for something else, like here, where it’s done in gratitude and relief, it is preferable that one faces Makkah, but not necessary. I mean, I highly doubt Hamada took out his iPhone, pulled up his compass app, and calculated the direction of Makkah bef


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