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Palestine’s Woroud Swalaha is … Insanely Awesome

Written By: humarashid - Aug• 03•12

How can I not talk about Muslims absolutely owning it in the Olympics – keep in mind, MANY are fasting, since the Olympics fall during the days of the holy month of Ramadan – and not talk about Palestine?

Seriously, I teared up something serious when I saw this during the Opening Ceremony.

Yallah, Falasteen!

How could you not?

They looked so strong and determined and so PROUD to be there. What a great moment.

And I have to talk about my girl, Wodoud Sawalha. She’s a runner from the beseiged West Bank. She … is amazing.

Yep, that’s her, right in the front. All the other women are running hard and girlfriend looks like she’s out for her morning jog.

She’s wearing leggings and a baggy shirt along with her hijab because her interpretation of Islam emphasizes modesty: in addition to covering her hair, she must cover her body as well in something that it’s completely form-fitting.

One of these pictures was going around and someone had commented, ‘doesnt she know about aerodynamics.’

It took everything in me not to be like, “Please, child, go away, the grown-ups are talking about an amazing runner. WHO CAN DO A GREAT FLASH IMPRESSION EVEN IN BAGGY CLOTHING.”

Hats off. Hijabs off. Give it up for Woroud Sawalha.

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