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Business Casual Superstar #484: Earrings, Earrings, Earrings!

Written By: humarashid - Nov• 03•11

Whenever I wear my hair either fully up or half-up, I always grab a pair of earrings. If I know I’m headed to a rather formal setting (more emphasis on business rather than casual) I’ll go with something small and short, something that barely hangs a half inch off my earlobe. If I’m headed to a less formal work setting (more emphasis on casual rather than business) I’ll wear something a little longer. No worries, I save the supremely dangly earrings for nights out. Those don’t really belong in many offices, anyway.

(Although I have a friend who works at a marketing firm, a pretty artsy one, and she can always get away with super dangly earrings, especially if the rest of her outfit is kind of minimalist, so this isn’t a hard and fast rule, just a general one that I personally use.)

So today, I want to share some earrings I like. Some will be formal-ish: small and conservative. Some will be slightly more daring and a little dangly. All will be under $25, because I don’t like spending more than that for earrings – a personal hang-up. It’s why I love going to the little art fairs in my town where local jewelry makers offer their wares: I can always find relatively unique (ie, not mass-produced) jewelry, especially earrings, for a fraction of what I’d pay for similar pieces at a store.

Check your town newsletter or website for similar fairs – I’m sure there are some going on in your area! There are also regional ones, and other, similar festivals like the Renaissance Fair and other cultural festivities going on will often also be a place where local jewelry makers will show up with their goods. If you’re a thrifter, I’m sure you’re aware of how to find great, unique pieces at local Goodwill stores. Regrettably, I am not a thrifter. I just get bored and wander off to go buy candy in the middle (okay, beginning) of my thrifting excursion.

It’s become a problem. Basically, any time I’m frustrated while shopping, especially if I’m trying to buy pants that actually fit my petite, ridiculously short, narrow-waisted lower half, I just wander off and buy candy.

Anyway, here we go! Earrings, earrings, earrings! As always, click to purchase.










And there we have a whole bunch of affordable, adorable earrings!

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