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Business Casual Superstar #391: Ballet Flats Under $50!

Written By: humarashid - Jun• 10•11

Ballet flats have taken over my life recently. My BFF Nida is back from Pakistan and has clinicals to do while she’s here for two months, and then she’s going back for another five months and then she’ll be home studying for her Steps. I have no idea what this means, but apparently it means that she needs new black flats. And that I have to wait, like, another year before she can write me prescriptions for medication I don’t need. Medication that NONE of us needs, you guys.


Anyway, we ran around Oakbrook mall, a gorgeous little outdoor mall in a nearby suburb, all day with her new sister-in-law, Sitara, who is lovely and whose name means ‘star,’ trying to find black leather flats in her size that weren’t butt-ugly pug-fugly. We did not succeed. She ended up coming home and buying some off of DSW that I thought were really cute. On sale for $35, with free shipping, too. SCORE.

So after running around all day with her and offering little bits of advice, I figured I’d put together a post chock-full of flats for you guys – all for under $50. As always, click to purchase!


I normally don’t like white shoes. It’s just a thing. But I thought these were cute with the little patent toe and little bow and everything. :P





I like this color a lot. Purple is generally my weakness – if I see something purple, I have been known to gloss over the flaws of the garment or accessory and just be like OMG IT’S PURPLE I WANT. That’s why I need someone with me if I’m going to buy something purple. Same occasionally goes for emerald. And *occasionally* the same goes for this wine/burgundy color, but I’m usually pretty good about that.

It’s just a great color, you guys.


Yeah, I’ve actually really been digging printed flats and brogues and those sorts of shoes recently. I don’t know why. Probably because the print is usually itty bitty floral, like it is here, and that’s just so irrepressibly summery to me. Plus, I love printed flats for when I’m wearing jeans and a solid tee and carrying an uninteresting bag like my Longchamp. They just add some fun and interest to an outfit.


This is a case in which I’m not exactly wild about the shoe but I’m totally wild about the color. I love that sea foam green. And they actually look like they’d be pretty comfortable, no? I don’t know, I just get a feeling they would be, even though I’ve never tried them on.




Ah, American Eagle. They’re the only place where I can buy jeans that FIT without having to resort to the children’s section. Lengthwise and hip-wise, they totally fit. They don’t fit waist-wise, and I refuse to wear belts, so that’s troublesome, but it’s never indecent so I chalk it up to a win.

But yeah, I’m throwing these in because most of us already have black leather flats, but hey, sometimes you find yourself wishing you had brown flats, too. Just to mix things up.

And there we have a bunch of ballet flats for under $50. I tried to keep them fun and colorful this time, rather than sticking to more traditional (boring) work colors. Why not have a little fun, right?

…I can’t believe I just linked ‘fun’ to shoe color. :| God forbid I link it to, I don’t know, horse back riding or playing with the dog or jumping in a lake on a hot day. NO. I HAD TO GO AND LINK IT TO SHOE COLOR.


God, I am ridiculous.

Guys, please don’t have warped ideas about fun like me.


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