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Business Casual Superstar #379: Another Beyond The Rack Roundup!

Written By: humarashid - May• 03•11

I will be working the Purse Profiles in soon, but wanted to put up a post for today really quickly. Here are some of the things that really stood out to me in today’s Beyond the Rack offering. If you want an invite, reply here and FILL OUT THE PART OF THE COMMENT FORM THAT ASKS FOR YOUR EMAIL.

No email? No invite. Last time a couple of you replied asking for an invite and didn’t give me an email. I’m not going to chase you down and ask for it. If you want an invite, follow directions. Several of you did and you got your invite. It’s not rocket science.

Here are some of the things that jumped out at me. Click to purchase. You will need to be logged into your BTR account. (Again, I can send you an invite. No biggie.)

These shoes are from Markito, which is all about reinventing leather footwear. It’s the same shoe in different colors.




These are purses. Obviously. :|


Now, this one struck me as interesting. I’m not sure that I would want to buy it for myself, but it really just kind of grabbed me. I’ll tell you what it is: It’s the interesting use of hardware here.

I mean, really, look at those fangs! Look at the shape and color and material of this bag … and then look at those fangs. I love the unexpectedness of it all. The bag is black, so, yeah, a conservative color. It’s got a shape reminiscent of bowler bags, frankly, with the poofed out sides.So it’s got that soft, gentle but still structured shape with the seaming there … and then it’s got FREAKING FANGS.

This screams to me, classic, conservative, unassuming girl … with claws. Who will mess you up if you look at her wrong.


This purse is one I’d be more likely to buy, I think. I kind of like weird purses. I’m into that now. And I love the color of this one, and the pebbled look, and I’m really digging the square but slouchy shape. I think I’d keep the strap on it most of the time, but definitely ditch it when the occasion called for it. Like if I was meeting someone for coffee or drinks to discuss something serious – not an interview or anything, but something more than ‘omg let’s catch up and you can fill me in on your ex boyfriend is a psycho’. I’d definitely take off the strap, which would just clack around on the table or bar counter when I set it down. That annoys me. Same reason I despise metal chains on handbags.

And there we have today’s Beyond The Rack Roundup. These items are up for one day, so move fast. If you need an invite, leave me your email address. If you fill out the comment form with your email address in the email field, it won’t be published publicly. Only I will be able to see it. If you put it in the comment field, it’ll show up to everyone.

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  1. Leigh Ann says:

    I’d like an invite please! Thanks. Btw, I <3 your blog. :)

  2. Jennifer says:

    love the blog…invite please :-)

  3. Megan says:

    Just found this site while, um, studying? for secured transactions. Love it. Would also love an invite.