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Business Casual Superstar #378: My BeyondTheRack Roundup!

Written By: humarashid - Apr• 13•11

I got my millionth BeyondTheRack email today (if you’re not a member and want to be, leave a comment here WITH THE EMAIL FIELD FILLED OUT and I’ll send you an invite – if you don’t leave me an email, I can’t help you) and instead of perusing through the stuff, marking off the stuff I want to buy but won’t because I don’t need it and there are starving children here in the US and abroad, and moving on with my day, I thought I’d share some of the business casual things that caught my eye and won a spot on my wishlist.

I’ll do this occasionally, and keep it time-sensitive. The boutiques featured today will be open until the 14th, so you still have some time to head on over and check them out. You will need to log in to get to the purchase page and be able to buy the stuff. Just be aware of that.

Anya Black Forest Jeans - $34.99

These. I want these.


They are black and they are slim (meaning they’ll fit kind of normal on me) and I don’t have any black jeans right now and I have these knee-high-ish leather boots that would look FABULOUS with these and I want them.


Alas, they are not in my size. :(

Few pairs of pants ever are. That is why I shop in the little girls’ section at Target for pants sometimes, or the juniors’ section at Aeropostale, even though, really, who’s shopped at Aeropostale anymore since being a mildly preppy high schooler?



Cafe au Lait scarf in red and black - $8.99

Lovely. I love the warm colors and I love the texture of the scarf – or at least the texture as I can tell it from the picture. :P

I don’t have that many scarves anymore – or, rather, I do, but they live in my mom’s scarf closet now. So by that logic, I have WAY TOO MANY scarves and don’t need this. But it’s pretty.


Patchwork Scarf in Red and Turquoise - $14.99

I don’t need this one either, but in my defense, I have far less rectangular scarves than I do square ones like the previous one. And by “I” I mean my mom. But, whatever, semantics.


If anyone would like to get me presents for being my awesome self, now you’re getting a sense for what my tastes tend toward. If you need sizing information, ask Andy. But if he pulls out something from the American Girl Doll Store to give you a better idea, RUN.

I mean, really, what kind of grown man has stuff from the American Girl Store just lying around?


I worry about him, you guys.

I also report him anonymously to the po-po and the Feds. Because I have a lot of time on my hands.

(No, I don’t. Have time on my hands, that is.)

Cap in Camel and Gold - $8.99

I don’t really wear hats, mostly because of my glasses, but now that I wear contacts more, I’ve started to really like hats. My favorite last fall were those suede bucket hats, maybe with a little ribbon or something. Those looked adorable on me.

But I love this one. And I can totally imagine all the things I’d wear it with. YAY HATS.

Haha, remember this?


That gang of babies ambushed him, after all.

Multicolor Pendant - $84.99

Last one!

Now, this necklace is way expensive. I’d never pay that much for a necklace. (All of my artificial jewelry has been purchased at very reasonable prices if it’s Indian jewelry, and my normal, artificial non-Indian jewelry mostly comes from gifts. My genuine jewelry, Indian and non-Indian, is all either a gift or belongs to my mom and ergo is MINE MINE MINE. :P Heh. So yeah, I’ve never really HAD to buy nice jewelry, hence my ‘this is too expensive’ comment.)

Besides, you guys know me. You know it’s hard for me to spend money on myself when it comes to clothes and accessories. I buy basically everything on sale, and I keep my clothes in good condition and wear them carefully, generally, so that they last longer. This is also partly because I don’t really like shopping. The longer I can go without shopping for myself, the better.

But I really like this necklace. If it was like $15, I’d probably buy it. :P Wow, that makes me sound really cheap.

But again, that’s mostly for the reasons explained up there, and also because I don’t wear jewelry that often unless I want to or have to be gussied up, and I’m not going to pay $100 for a necklace I’ll probably wear like 5 times a year.

Also, can we talk about how horrible Andy is at figuring out whether or not I’m gussied up? Because he is. He is a terrible judge of guss. Get this: I was wearing my normal jeans, a tee, a cardigan, my green Chucks, and nothing else. I had a little bit of eyeliner on. No other makeup, just eyeliner and mascara. Because I was wearing my contacts and I always wear eyeliner/mascara if I wear my contacts.

And he said I was gussied up.


Ugh. This boy. I just can’t anymore.

Trust me, you guys would be able to tell if I was gussied up. YOU’D BE ABLE TO TELL I PROMISE.

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