Stop Asking Where I'm From


Written By: humarashid - Nov• 09•09



That’s right, I, your beloved Hoomster, the most prudent law student of them all, drinker of all things root beer, have swine flu. Totally nuts. I still can’t believe I have swine flu. Who gets swine flu anymore? That’s, like, so three months ago.


So yes. My pal Sue came in from Texas over the weekend – Friday, really – and I was supposed to have lunch with her, but I got all feverish and gross right before ConLaw, so as soon as class was over, I ran to Walgreen’s for pills. Once I’d proved I was over 18, I ran to Michigan Ave to have lunch with her.

I was feeling much better at that point, but I was still coughing and being gross. But we had a great time. Then Andy showed up, and scolded me for wearing my down jacket when it was, like, 55 degrees out and he was wearing just a cable-knit over a button-down, but I was like, whatever, turd, I have a sore throat and I’m not taking chances, and then he was like, yeah, I’ve been feeling like crap, too, you probably gave me something.



I’m, like, the worst friend ever. Why I gotta do my boy like that? These are the tough questions, folks; if I don’t ask them (of myself), who will?

Here’s a picture of me and Andy being swine-flu-y. He says it sums up our relationship perfectly. I take that to mean that he understands that he’s always got his arms folded and I’m always disinterested.


I mean, what else could he mean by that? Right? R-right?



We are so swine-flu-y. Gross.


So I spent most of the weekend slowly dying, and then I was told I had swine flu, and that I couldn’t go back to class until Thursday. This is just perfect, you guys. Fall semester of 1L, I caught strep. I got it from Perry, who sucks. only he doesn’t, because he’s kind of ridiculously awesome and totally my boy. And anyway, I retaliated by passing the strep on to Andy. I pay it forward like that. And now, fall semester of 2L, I get swine flu.

This could really only happen to me.

What will happen to me around this time next year? Will I grow a foot out of my head? Let’s stay tuned.

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  1. Oh, no, not The Oink!

    Poor baby. Feel better soon.

    You *are* a good friend :) So we got the 411 on Andy. What about lucky Sue? lol

  2. TDot says:

    Ugh, Piglet’s Revenge sucks — hope you feel better soon :)

  3. Sohana says:

    not good!!! PLENTY OF REST! and feel better soon!!

  4. M (seldomyes) says:

    Aww, I had it earlier this year and it sucked.

    I thought the epidemic was on its way out, but apparently not. Besides you, I know two other people who have it. Both also have underlying health complications and are unfortunately in the ICU because of that.

    Hope you don’t get that sick! Lots of bed rest, fluids, and trying not to stress about how much school you’re missing is the best way to go!